Airtel shutting down 3G network in Kolkata, switching it to 4G

airtel 3G shutdown
airtel 3G shutdown
airtel 3G shutdown

Bharti Airtel has been offering its services in Indian Telecom Market for a long time now. From the start of the Internet to the Internet today at 4G, Airtel has consistently tried its best to deliver its best service to the customers. Airtel is the country’s first private telecom company that started 3G network in India. The company started 3G network from Bangalore, which is now present in all corners of the country.

But now Airtel has announced the closure of its 3G service. The company has started removing its 3G network in the country and with this move of Airtel, the entire look of Indian Telecom Market will surely change.

Airtel has started deleting 3G networks from Kolkata. The company has said that the work to remove Airtel’s 3G technology in Kolkata has begun, which will be fully completed in a few days and will be shifting to the 4G network.

The company says that the shutting of 3G service by Airtel will have a positive impact on the company’s consumers. Time to time messages and notifications will be sent to all 3G customers on behalf of the companies and they will be notified for sim upgrading or mobile handset upgrade. At the same time, 3G users who already have a 4G handset or SIM will be upgraded automatically.

So far, the company was using 900 MHz band spectrum to deliver 3G network in circle. But after closing the 3G network, these band spectrum will be framed freshly. Airtel says there will be no change in frequency of these band spectrum running at 900 MHz frequency and the company will provide 4G connectivity at 900 MHz.

airtel 3G shutdown
Airtel 3G shutdown

Airtel will use the company L900 technology to upgrade the 900 MHz band spectrum used for 3G. The frequency will be similar to the spectrum band through this technique, but this frequency will yield 4G signals rather than 3G.

Let us tell you that while the 3G service is being discontinued in Kolkata from the side of Airtel, the company will continue its 2G service in the circle on the other hand. Significantly, in India, Reliance Jio is the only company that offers only 4G services. At the same time, the company’s users will also get better 4G connectivity even after 3G has completely shut down.